Hirosaki Park

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The enormous Hirosaki Park’s total area is an expansive 492,000 square meters!
Any direction you look is filled with views of Hirosaki Castle or towering cherry trees.
Hirosaki Castle was once destroyed in a fire caused by a lightning strike, but it was rebuilt in 1810.
The castle’s tower, scaffolds, bridge, moat, and other features still remain as they were back then, and in the present day the castle has been designated as an important cultural asset of Japan.

Hirosaki Park, Spring view of cherry blossoms
[Hirosaki Park, Spring view of cherry blossoms]

There are many cherry trees planted along the moat, and the beautiful view they create is absolutely enchanting.
The park is famous for having Japan’s oldest Yoshino cherry tree, as well as Japan’s Yoshino cherry tree with the largest trunk. Cherry blossom festivals are held at the park during the spring.

In the fall, the park also hosts a festival for the turning of leaves in autumn. The contrast between the bright-red autumn leaves and Hirosaki Castle is breathtaking, so it is a very popular spot to visit. It is a great place to experience Japan’s four seasons throughout the year, making it an excellent sightseeing destination.

Basic information on Hirosaki Park

1 Shimoshirogane-cho, Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture
About 10 minutes by taxi from Hirosaki Station
Official website
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