Tokyo Daijingu

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Tokyo Daijingu is a Shinto shrine founded in 1880 as a remote site for the Grand Shrine of Ise.
Also known as “O-Ise-sama in Tokyo,” this shrine is a beloved and familiar place to many people.

Recently it has become a popular spot for romance as well.
People’s experiences, like “I found a lover after worshipping at the shrine,” and “I met a lovely person and was able to remarry,” spread over the internet and by word of mouth, so now every day many people visit for luck in finding love.
Visitors can also purchase good luck charms and protective charms with cute designs on them at affordable prices.

Tokyo Daijingu, Romance, Romantic Matching, Prayers
[Tokyo Daijingu, Prayers]
Romance, Fortune Readings (Omikuji)
[Fortune Readings (Omikuji)]

Of course, Tokyo Daijingu is not a shrine only for romance! You can also pray there for family safety, business prosperity, dispelling bad luck, safe travels, success in school, and more.

Basic information on Tokyo Daijingu

Tokyo Daijingu

2-4-1, Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
5 minutes on foot from Iidabashi Station
8:00-19:00 (For purchase of charms, etc.)