“Kingyo,” a Recommended Motsunabe Restaurant in the Highly Competitive Motsunabe Area of Fukuoka

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Written by  Malimo

If you visit Fukuoka, you have to try motsunabe (offal hotpot).
There are many famous restaurants that serve it, but I recommend “Kingyo”!
There’s no obvious sign outside, so first-time visitors may miss it. Kingyo is a restaurant that almost seems hidden away.
When you enter, the restaurant has a high-class atmosphere; there’s even a courtyard!


Otoshi. 300 yen per person.
(Many izakaya in Japan serve obligatory “otoshi,” often simple side dishes, as a substitution for cover charges.)
Kingyo served me mini tomatoes as the otoshi. The careful craftsmanship was splendid.
Not many shops will serve you something so lovely as the otoshi!

8-piece assortment of meat and fish. 1 portion 980 yen (limit 2 portions).

The golden eye snapper is lightly broiled then salted, bringing out even more depth of flavor.

The slices of chicken and horse meat are also fresh and high quality.
Each ingredient is served in its best enjoyed form, whether that’s broiled or raw.

After you eat the shrimp sashimi, Kingyo will fry the head for you to enjoy as well.

Tuna and avocado raw spring roll, 800 yen.

Broiled specially-selected wagyu beef. Market price.
You eat it with just a bit of salt.

Japanese Black wagyu motsunabe, 1100 yen (limit 2 portions).
When ordering motsunabe, you can choose from Kyushu miso and Kyoto-style miso.
The Kyushu miso motsunabe uses delicately flavored chicken stock as the soup base.
The Kyoto-style miso motsunabe is rich and liberally seasoned with garlic.

This time, I chose the Kyushu miso. I recommend it for people who are first trying motsunabe, as you can taste the ingredients without any frills.
The umami and flavors of the offal and vegetables develop as they simmer, becoming increasingly delicious.
The fried burdock was delicious and fragrant.

Sudachi (a Japanese citrus), garlic chips, and togarashi go perfectly with motsunabe!

The offal was tender and soft!
Actually, I’m not a fan of offal.
However, the offal at Kingyo was really delicious. I completely forgot that I don’t usually like it and kept eating! Even if you don’t like offal, I’d love for you to try it here!

You can add Champon noodles into the pot at the end too (250 yen).
Champon noodles are a bit thicker than regular Chinese noodles, and they’re known for their chewy texture.
I also recommend adding in rice and making zosui (a type of rice soup).

Kingyo’s menu has a wide variety of offerings other than motsunabe. Out of all the restaurants in Fukuoka, an area known for having highly competitive restaurants, I particularly recommend trying out Kingyo!

Basic information on Kingyo

Kingyo,a Recommended Motsunabe Restaurant in Fukuoka

1-4-8 Azuma Building, Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
About 2 minutes on foot from the Nishitetsu Tenjin Omuta Line’s Yakuin Station
[Weekdays]11:30-14:30、18:00-24:00(L.O. 23:00)
[Weekend and public holidays] 18:00-24:00(L.O. 23:00)
Open every day