Togakushi Shrine

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Togakushi Shrine, located at the base of Nagano Prefecture’s Mt. Togakushi, has a history of over 2000 years, and in the past, it was a very famous place for practicing Shintoism.
The shrine is comprised of five buildings, Oku-sha, Chu-sha, Hoko-sha, Kuzuryu-sha, and Hino-miko-sha. It is said that worshipping at all five locations improves your luck in a very balanced manner.

We recommend to visit the shrines in order of Hoko-sha, Hino-miko-sha, Chu-sha, Oku-sha, Kuzuryu-sha.
Of the five shrines on the grounds, Oku-sha is said to be the most powerful, and it is known as a “power spot” full of mystical energy. This energy supposedly can break through a person’s outer shell, their ego and consciousness, and give them the power to change their lives by their own hands. The huge cedar trees that line the way to Oku-sha have been featured on television, and it is becoming a very famous location. Many people visit Togakushi to walk through the cedar trees.
The cedar trees around Oku-sha are over 400 years old, and they have been designated as a natural monument.

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Basic information on Togakushi Shrine

Togakushi Shrine

3506 Toagakushi, Nagano City, Nagano
About 1 hour by bus from Nagano Station (Take the Bird Line for Togakushi Plateau from Nagano Station’s boarding area #7 [near Kawanakajima Bus’ Nagano Station Information Center])