Castle in the Sky – Echizen Ono Castle

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Echizen Ono Castle is also known as the “Castle in the Sky.”
Built over the course of five years around 1575, Ono Castle is located on the summit of Kameyama in the heart of Ono City.

Echizen Ono Castle
[Echizen Ono Castle]

Early each morning, the cool air from the surrounding mountains gather in the Ono basin, creating a sea of white clouds. When this happens, Ono Castle appears to float above the clouds, earning it the nickname “Castle in the Sky.”
Depending on the weather each day, there are days where the cloudscape may or may not appear. However, from October through April the likelihood of the “Castle in the Sky” appearing is high! Supposedly it is most likely during November.
The Castle in the Sky view typically appears from sunrise to around 9am.
The scene is particularly likely to unfold when it rained the previous day or when there is little wind blowing.
It isn’t a sight that is always available every day, so there’s a certain extra feeling of satisfaction if you do manage to catch it!

To see the “Castle in the Sky” floating in the sea of clouds, you must climb Inuyama, a mountain about 1 kilometer from Echizen Ono Castle. There are three routes up Inuyama that lead to the main vantage point, but each of them must be traversed on foot, so be sure to exercise caution when climbing the mountain.
The easiest route up the mountain is called “Kuwakake.” This path takes about 20 minutes to complete from the Japan National Route 158 entry point.

Basic information on Castle in the Sky – Echizen Ono Castle

Castle in the Sky – Echizen Ono Castle

3-109 Shiromachi, Ono City, Fukui
30 minutes on foot or 15 minutes by bus from Echizen Ono Station
[Facility Tours] 0779-65-5520 [About Photography Spot and the Sea of Clouds] 0779-64-4816
April~September 9 am - 5 pm, October~November 9 am - 4 pm
(Last admission is 30 minutes prior to closing time.)
December 1st through March 31st
Adults 200 yen. Junior high school students and younger free.