Kochi Prefecture’s Makino Botanical Garden

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The Makino Botanical Garden was opened in April of 1958, to honor Kochi Prefecture’s Dr. Tomitaro Makino, so-called the father of Japanese botany, who had died the year prior.
The garden is located on Mt. Godai, a place rich with natural history and scenic beauty, surrounded by the Kochi plains.

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Throughout the year and depending on the season, the garden features around 3000 different types of wild plants with some relation to Dr. Makino. Some of these plants are unique to Japan. The garden is an important source of information about the living specimens, and it has brought to light much information about the plant species it houses.
A visit to Makino Botanical Garden is perfect for when you want to spend the day relaxing in a space full of greenery. You will surely encounter many different plants that you have never seen before!
The exhibition hall also features a restaurant, so when you want to take a break you can enjoy cake or coffee while taking in the courtyard’s view.

Basic information on Kochi Prefecture’s Makino Botanical Garden

Kochi Prefecture’s Makino Botanical Garden

4200-6 Godaisan, Kochi City, Kochi
About 20 minutes by car from Kochi Station
9 am - 5 pm
December 27th through January 1st
Adults 720 yen. High school students and younger free.