Yoshinogari Historical Park

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Yoshinogari Historical Park is a specially designated historical site of Japan.
Spanning a total area of 117 hectares, Yoshinogari Historical Park is Japan’s largest historic ruins from the Yayoi Era (3c. B.C. - 3c. A.D.).
The ruins were discovered during an excavation in 1986.

The ruins at Yoshinogari strongly resemble the ancient country of Yamatai, the existence of which has been disputed, that was mentioned in early Chinese chronicles.
There are close to 100 buildings in the park that have been carefully restored based on excavated items and materials.

Watchtower, Raised-Floor Storehouse, Ruins, Dwellings
[Watchtower, Raised-Floor Storehouse, Ruins]

The park also offers different hands-on programs, such as fire-making experiences (100-yen participation fee) and Magetama making (200-yen participation fee).
As the site covers a wide area, a free in-park bus service runs for visitors.

Basic information on Yoshinogari Historical Park

Yoshinogari Historical Park

1843 Tade, Yoshinogari-machi, Kanzaki-gun, Saga
About 15 minutes on foot from the JR Nagasaki Main Line’s Yoshinogari-Koen Station
9:00-17:00 (until 18:00 June through August)
December 31st, and the 3rd Monday of January plus the following day
15 years of age and up 460 yen. Free for junior high school students and younger