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Written by Malimo

The basement floors of Japanese department stores, often referred to as “depachika,” are veritable treasure troves of high-quality food products to choose from! This time, I’d like to introduce a product called “Omedetai Osuimono,” or “auspicious soup,” made by Hayashi Kyuemon, a brand I fell in love with at first sight!

Inside this Lovely Tai (Sea Bream) is a Katsuobushi Soup of the Highest Quality!

Inside this adorable sea bream-shaped baked good is powdered stock, made with the highest-quality katsuobushi! You can enjoy quality soup from this unique product just by pouring hot water over it!

The outer shell is made with glutinous rice, which is commonly used in the making of things like Japanese sweets.

Sea bream is considered a lucky fish in Japan, and it is an indispensable part of celebrations.

Now, cute and affordable products made in the shape of that high-ranking fish are available for purchase, and they make great gifts!

Hayashi Kyuemon is a company founded over 130 years ago, which specializes in katsuobushi.
They are committed to using a traditional manufacturing process for their katsuobushi, which takes over half a year, and the wafer shells of the “Omedetai Osuimono” are carefully hand-crafted. No artificial flavors or seasonings are used.

The product also comes in a simple square-shape and a scallop-shape, in addition to the sea bream-shaped version.

Individual Omedetai Osuimono are sold at 346 yen each. You can also buy two for 540 yen.

This time around, I bought two as a wedding gift for a friend. It seems that the soups are different between the two.
And, of course, I bought one for myself.

The box is elaborately designed and cute!
“Omedetai” (“Auspicious”) is written on the box.

The expiration date is about 10 months after when I purchased it. It definitely will keep for a while!

Picking out presents can be tough. These tiny “Omedetai Osuimono” are pleasing to look at and delicious, and whoever you give one to is sure to enjoy it, so they could just be the solution to your gift-giving problems!

Things that Make This the Perfect Present:

  • Very light
  • Can be stored at room temperature
  • Late expiration date – will keep for a long time
  • Can be given to people who don’t enjoy sweets
  • 2 for 540 yen is a really reasonable price, so feel free to give them away
  • Authentic flavor in an easy-to-prepare package

A Varied Lineup of Soup Flavors. Available in Single Portions.

There are a variety of flavors to choose from, including sea bream, scallop, pufferfish, and matsutake mushroom.

The one I bought for myself was the matsutake flavored one.


The outer shell seems really well made.
It smells very fragrant and delicious.


#1 I broke it open. Crispy shell! The mushrooms are nice and big!

Remove the soup base from the shell before preparing it, and put it into a bowl!

#2 I’ve set the shell on top after putting the soup base into the bowl.
It looks so lovely, it makes me feel happy!

#3 Immediately after I’ve poured on the hot water, an amazing aroma of matsutake and katsuobushi wafts upward!

#4 The sea bream is swimming in the soup!

A few minutes in, and the poor fish looks like this. I feel bad for it, but it looks tasty!

This Kombu and Katsuobushi Soup is Delicious!

The soup stock is made with katsuobushi and kombu, both of which have been considered lucky since ancient times. Its flavor is even comparable to soup from a restaurant.

The shell is made with rice from Saga Prefecture. It has an irresistible doughy texture and fragrant aroma to it!

The matsutake is delicious~! This soup would also be delicious with rice in it!

Many Products Intended for Making Ochazuke (Tea or Broth Over Rice)

Their other products, including luxurious gelatin for ochazuke and Japanese-style soups made with bonito broth, also look delicious!

A Wide Variety of Ochazuke Products

Most shops in Japan will wrap your purchases beautifully for you. On top of that, many shops offer these sorts of wrapping services free of charge!

I’m looking forward to giving this gift! ♪

Hayashi Kyuemon Shop ~Soup Management Shop~


3-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours
No scheduled holidays (correspondent with Isetan Shinjuku Main Store)


Iwataya Basement 2nd Floor
2-5−35 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
Business Hours
January 1st


Birth place: Nagasaki prefecture


I love trying out the shops with high reputation or restaurants that I’m curious about in Fukuoka and Nagasaki area.