Shizuoka Specialty – A Delicious Flavor Unchanged by the Ages! Unagi Pie

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Written by  YUKA

Unagi (eel) is known across Japan as a specialty of Shizuoka Prefecture. A unique item made with that unagi is this “Unagi Pie.”
Unagi Pie is made by making a cookie out of powdered unagi, baking it, and finishing it off with a sauce like that used on grilled unagi.
This snack has been made by hand by craftsmen since 1961, and surprisingly enough it is said that they make 200,000 pies per day.

Package Containing 16 Pies
Package Containing 16 Pies

This is an iconic souvenir from Shizuoka!

Individually Wrapped Pies
Individually Wrapped Pies

Why “A Snack for Nights”?

The catchprase for Unagi Pie, “a snack for nights,” has become a rather popular topic, making it a hit product known all across the country.
Many people think that the phrase comes from unagi being a food that gives you lots of energy, but apparently it’s supposed to actually suggest that it should be eaten when getting together with your family at night.

The pies are about 8cm long.
They’re long and narrow, just like an eel.

Made with Carefully Selected Ingredients
Made with Carefully Selected Ingredients

The pies are made with simple ingredients like butter, flour, and sugar. Because the ingredients used are so simple, they take extra care to choose quality ones. The pies don’t taste very strongly of unagi.

Crispy Texture
Crispy Texture

The crispy texture paired with buttery flavor is really great!
The pies are coated in a secret sauce that contains garlic, giving the flavor a certain depth.
These truly are a perfect treat for nighttime. Of course, you can enjoy them during the day too!

In addition to the standard Unagi Pie, there are also varieties that contain almonds or brandy!

Basic information on Unagi Pie

Product name in Japanese
12 pies 962 yen (tax incl.) ~
※Also available in other quantities
Shelf Life
about 60 days
79 calories per pie