Take Tokyo Monorail if you want to find your destination easily from Haneda Airport.

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There are several ways to get to the central part of Tokyo from Haneda Airport including busses, taxis, rental cars and trains (either Tokyo Monorail or Keikyu). Those who have abundant traveling experiences in Japan know which transportation to choose depending on their needs.

Haneda Airport not far from metropolitan Tokyo
Haneda Airport not far from metropolitan Tokyo

In this article, we will talk about the “Tokyo Monorail”; one of the popular ways of transportation. Based on our original research and opinions by those with rich traveling experiences, we will tell you the reasons why “people with certain needs should use Tokyo Monorail!” We hope this article will be helpful especially for those who use Haneda Airport for the first time or those who have never used Tokyo Monorail before.

Tokyo Monorail is recommended for those who want to have a very clear idea about where a train goes and where to get off.

Tokyo Monorail connects Haneda Airport and central part of Tokyo directly. If you travel to “Hamamatsu-cho station”; which is the last stop on the line, you will be able to transfer to JR Yamanote Line from there. This line runs through major stations in Tokyo including “Shinjuku” and “Ikebukuro”. Also at “Hamamatsu-cho station”, you will be able to transfer to Toei Oedo Line, which runs through “Roppongi station”. So even if you are not too familiar with the area, finding places is easier with Tokyo Monorail.

Simplified image of the Tokyo Monorail route map
Simplified image of the Tokyo Monorail route map

What’s more, Tokyo Monorail actually has two types of trains including local line that stops at every station and express line that runs through Haneda Airport and Hamamatsu-cho station nonstop in as little as 13 minutes. If you get on an express train from Haneda Airport International Terminal, you will be going to the last stop of Hamamatsu-cho nonstop without any worries to get off at a wrong station in between.

So, all things considered, if you are one of people “who want to know your destination and stops easily”, we do recommend you to use Tokyo Monorail.

Reference: We, “GOOD LUCK TRIP ONLINE” researched those living inside and outside of Japan and who have used Haneda Airport. Research period was March through April, 2017. A total of 293 people were asked.