A Stylish Hidden Gem of a Cafe: RAMO FRUTAS CAFE

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GINZA PLACE is a new shopping complex that opened in 2016 at the crossroad of Ginza 4-Chome. Nissan's cutting edge cars are on display and you can try out (and buy) Sony's newest products there!
On the third floor, there is a stylish place called RAMO FRUTAS CAFE, where I recently had a fruit sandwich. I'd like to tell you all about it!

GINZA PLACE, where even the exterior has a beautiful design!
GINZA PLACE, where even the exterior has a beautiful design!
The entrance to RAMO FRUTAS CAFE
The entrance to RAMO FRUTAS CAFE

Unimaginable! Such a comfortable place is right in the middle of Ginza

Although it's located in the super high-class Ginza, this well-kept secret isn't so crowded!

The menu
The menu

The meal menu features main dishes, salads, seasonal fruit and drinks, starting from ¥1680. You pay at the counter first, then sit wherever you like as you wait to be served.
This time, I chose the fruit sandwich as my main course!

RAMO Fruit Sandwich
RAMO Fruit Sandwich

The RAMO Fruit Sandwich is ¥1814.
You may choose a drink from coffee, black tea or herbal tea.

The fruit sandwich contains whipped cream and Hokkaido fine-grained sweet bean paste. With strawberries, kiwi and muscat grapes, this fruit-filled sandwich is fresh, juicy and delicious!

Salad and fruit
Salad and fruit

The salad and fruit cup included in this set are freshness itself!
The salad, containing walnuts and dried fruit, is paired with a fruit cup featuring two types of grapefruit.

The Fruit Water Bar is available for free!

Here is the Fruit Water Bar, featuring flavored drinks using fruit and herbs.
It's so nice that cafe customers can drink as much as they like of fruit vinegar, herb water, and fruit water, all for free!

Watching the street below from a window seat.

When the weather is fine, I recommend sitting out on the terrace.
From the terrace, you can see the symbol of Ginza, the Wako Clock, right in front of you.
With such fabulous views, this is the perfect place to relax and take it easy on a date!

Past Visit Report

The menu items below are what I ate on a previous visit. Although they were no longer on the menu when I visited again in October of 2017, I've added them to let you know what kind of menu they have.

Seasonal Fruit Parfait ¥1350 (including drink)
Seasonal Fruit Parfait ¥1350 (including drink)

The dessert menu featured items like pancakes and parfaits full of fruit. What's special about this shop's parfait is that it comes in a cone filled with soft-serve ice cream!

On top of the ice cream, there are strawberries and whipped cream, with a few slices of banana. This parfait is full of the sweet and sour flavor of strawberries!

Multi-grain salad and Campagne bread plate ¥1814
Multi-grain salad and Campagne bread plate ¥1814

This salad plate was piled high with peaches and figs.

The dressing was so delicious!
Everything about this elegant atmosphere, from the space to the meals, is so generous. I can highly recommend it!

Basic information on RAMO FRUTAS CAFE

5-8-1 GINZA PLACE 3F, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line, Hibiya Line: Ginza Station A4 Exit Direct connection
Business Hours
10 AM – 9 PM (Last Order: 8 PM)
Open 365 days