Typical Okinawa Souvenirs: Minami-no-Shima Mango Pudding & Yuki-Shio Chinsuko Cookies

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Written by YUKA

I received Minami-no-Shima mango pudding and Yuki-Shio Chinsuko cookies from a friend who went to Okinawa! Both are typical souvenirs from Okinawa, so let me introduce them here.

First of all, Minami-no-Shima Mango Pudding!

A box of 6 pieces is ¥964  (tax included)
A box of 6 pieces is ¥964 (tax included)

The package says, "By using an abundance of ripe mangoes, we have created a pudding with little peculiarity and a refreshing taste".

It has a circumference of 7 cm and a height of 3.5 cm.

It feels smooth and sticks to the tongue!
The mango flavor is not too strong, and the sweetness is just right, so it's easy to eat.
I recommend it for people who like pudding that melts in your mouth!

Mango Pudding product explanation (Japanese only)
Mango Pudding product explanation (Japanese only)

Minami-no-Shima Mango Pudding

6pcs 964 yen (tax included)
Shelf Life
About Four months

Yuki-Shio Chinsuko Cookies, "Monde Selection" Gold Medalist for 3 Consecutive Years!

Yuki-Shio Chinsuko Cookies
Yuki-Shio Chinsuko Cookies

Chinsuko are traditional Okinawa cookie-like sweets made with lard (pork fat).
Nanpudo, the same company that makes Minami-no-Shima mango pudding, manufactures them.

They use the powdery Yuki-Shio ("snow" salt) made on Miyako Island in Okinawa Prefecture.
As the gold medalist for 3 consecutive years in the "Monde Selection" sweets contest, Chinsuko have become typical Okinawa souvenirs in recent years.

This cookie melts in your mouth!
The slight saltiness of Yuki-Shio brings out its sweetness.
I feel like I can eat several of them!
This product uses neither eggs nor milk.

Yuki-Shio Chinsuko Cookies

A box of 12 pieces is ¥324 (tax included)
*There are also boxes of 24 and 48 pieces
Shelf Life
About 70 days


Birth place: Osaka Prefecture