The Chocolate Frog, a Souvenir Limited to Osaka USJ!

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Written by YUKA

I received a really interesting souvenir from a friend who visited Universal Studios Japan! It was a frog made of chocolate. It's sold at Honeydukes, a sweets shop in the Harry Potter area.

Frog chocolate ¥1200
Frog chocolate ¥1200

This is the chocolate frog that appears in the movie, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone".
It reminds me of the scene where Harry was about to eat a chocolate frog on the Hogwarts Express, only to have it escape out the window.

The chocolate frog is wrapped in plastic.
The chocolate frog is wrapped in plastic.

Inside the box is a big frog that just fits!

Along with the chocolate, there is a card inside the box.
This one is Gryffindor.

Wait, isn't it a little too real?
If you don't know what's inside, you may be shocked when you open it, lol!

With a circumference of about 10 cm, it just fits in the palm of an adult's hand!
Weighing 160 grams, the frog is rather heavy.
Since it's way too much for one person to eat alone, this chocolate is best enjoyed with some friends.

What Part Shall We Eat First?


After taking lots of photos, it was finally time to eat!
Because it was both hard and I felt some resistance to eating it whole, I decided to cut the frog. I'm so sorry, Mr. Frog!

The cross-section view
The cross-section view

The inside was filled with milk chocolate. It was quite sweet and delicious!
Don't worry, it doesn't taste like a frog.

Of course Harry Potter fans will love it, but this chocolate frog is also a good gag gift!
Only available at USJ, this limited item makes the perfect souvenir!

Chocolate Frog

Sale Location
Honeydukes in USJ's Harry Potter Area
Expiration Date
About 100 days after the date of production


Birth place: Osaka Prefecture