Cheap and Plentiful Food in Hyogo Prefecture! Delicious Horumon-don at “Sugimoto Shokudo”

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“Sugimoto Shokudo” is located in the residential area off of Amagasaki’s factory district. This diner has been in business for over 60 years, now passed down to the next generation. It is well-known and beloved as “the diner at the southernmost point of Amagasaki.”
Sugimoto Shokudo is well-known for its delicious and cheap horumon (offal), and it is even frequently featured on TV, in magazine articles, and through other media.

Restaurant Exterior

The diner is tucked away, hidden in a location that’s sure to have you scratching your head and wondering if you took a wrong turn.

Near “Sugimoto Shokudo”
Near “Sugimoto Shokudo”
Exterior of Sugimoto Shokudo
Exterior of Sugimoto Shokudo

The “no smoking” sign affixed to the entrance is a sight for sore eyes for non-smokers.

“No Smoking” time
“No Smoking” time

Inside the Restaurant

The restaurant gives off the atmosphere of an old-school traditional diner.
Perhaps because I arrived pretty early, there weren’t any customers waiting yet.

Inside the Restaurant
Inside the Restaurant

A Varied Menu

The diner’s menu has plenty of varied options.

While the menu primarily features horumon, there are also lots of other diner-style dishes, like udon, curry, and yakisoba.

Their most popular dish seems to be their “original horumon yaki-udon.”

They also offer nabe (hotpot) courses during the winter.

Once I was seated, I was given water and a wet hand towel.

Horumon-don – 690 yen

I ordered their beautifully photogenic “horumon-don,” which even looks delicious!
The cut of horumon used in this dish is shimacho (cow’s large intestine) from domestic cattle.

The horumon covered the whole surface of the donburi, and it was deliciously fatty, tender, and juicy. Beneath it was a layer of cabbage, adding another pleasant texture.

The delicious house-made tare sauce is made with a soy sauce base, and it’s blended with Korean peppers and garlic.
I just could not stop myself once I started eating!

The fat in the horumon had a refined sweet flavor, and the more you chew it the more deliciously meaty umami flavors you get.

The raw egg also looks delicious!

I broke the yolk of the raw egg.

It was so good with the yolk mixed in with everything else!


Apparently the gochujang is even made in-house.
It was on a different level than the gochujang you can buy in stores; it had just the right amount of sweetness to it.

I found their special fried garlic!
Between this, shichimi pepper, and the gochujang, you can enjoy lots of different flavor profiles.

Special fried garlic
Special fried garlic

I was able to alter the flavors to something that I really loved, and it was so good!

Horumon contains a lot of collagen, so maybe this will be good for my skin too!
If you come visit Japan, be sure to try some cheap and delicious staples like this!

Basic information on Sugimoto Shokudo

26 Marushimacho, Amagasaki City, Hyogo
10 minutes on foot from Suzaki Station
Business Hours
11:00am-2:00pm, 5:30-8:00pm
Sun., Hol.
Credit Cards
Not accepted