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Shochikubai Shirakabegura brewery "Mio"

Enjoy a new kind of sparkling sake with a gentle, fruity sweetness born from rice!

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Sparkling sake is a type of sake that is easy to drink due to its effervescence, similar to sparkling wine or champagne. Among them, Takara Shuzo's "Shochikubai Shirakabegura brewery 'Mio'" is a standout.

"Mio" has a flavor and gentle sweetness reminiscent of muscat grapes, while "Mio" <CLEAR> offers a refreshing taste with the sweetness of an apple-like flavor.
With an alcohol content of 5% and a not too sharp carbonation, this sparkling sake is easy to drink. The fruity and gentle flavor born from rice is popular with women. It pairs perfectly with sweets and cheese.

The blue bottle, designed to evoke modern Japanese aesthetics and the sight of rising bubbles, is another reason for its popularity. Also available is "Mio" <FROZEN>, a type of sake called "mizore sake", that offers an enjoyable icy texture similar to shaved ice.

Just freeze it in the freezer, break it up, and pour it into a glass to enjoy. Please give it a try.


  • A refreshing and easy-to-drink sparkling sake featuring a gentle, fruity sweetness born from rice.
  • A product of Takara Shuzo, one of Japan's leading manufacturers centered around sake and shochu.
  • Alcohol content is 5%.


  • The stylish packaging with Japanese modern aesthetics

    The stylish packaging with Japanese modern aesthetics

  • Refreshing sweetness with "Mio" <CLEAR>

    Refreshing sweetness with "Mio" <CLEAR>

  • Enjoy frozen with "Mio" <FROZEN>

    Enjoy frozen with "Mio" <FROZEN>

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Product name in Japanese
supermarkets and convenience stores across Japan
Suggested retail price
Mio<FROZEN>200yen/100ml (tax excl.)
*The price may vary depending on the store.
Best Before
10 months after manufacture (as a guide)
Official Website
Official Website (English)