Kewpie shop

A shop for purchasing “kewpie” goods and products.

Foods・Souvenirs / Closest to Sengawa Station

A shop managed by Kewpie Corporation, famous for “kewpie mayonnaise.” We sell kewpie dolls, original goods, and confectionary.
We recommend our deluxe shortbread. Using specially selected eggs, French wheat flour, and fresh butter from Hokkaido, this shortbread is completed with an elegant sweetness. As they are made in the shape of kewpie’s face, they make a perfect souvenir.
We are exhibiting a gallery of the cooking show “Kewpie three-minute cooking” which has been popular in Japan for many years, as well as a diorama which recreates the studio.
You can also meet with kewpie dolls wearing various outfits at our kewpie doll collection. This mascot is sold in sizes from a 6cm phone strap to a large size of 57cm.
We have a café space within the instore terrace where you can relax after shopping.


  • Original goods featuring dolls made with a kewpie motif. .
  • Deluxe shortbread perfect for souvenirs. .
  • Exhibit of the kewpie doll collection. .
  • Café space included.


  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Interior


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Name in Japanese
Postal Code
Sengawa Kewport site 2-5-7 Sengawacho, Chofu City, Tokyo
Business Hours
weekends and holidays (and other irregular closed dates)
About a 7 minute walk from the Keio line at Sengawa Station
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)