Cow Brand Red Box

Old-Fashioned Soap that Gently and Thoroughly Cleans


This creamy lathering soap contains milk and squalene to help moisturize.
It is a popular, long-selling product that has been on the market since 1928.
Important parts of the manufacturing process cannot be replicated by machines and are instead entrusted to talented and experienced craftsmen, and the soap is slowly aged and carefully crafted.
High-quality ingredients derived from natural fats and oils make up the “natural moisturizing ingredients” in this soap, making it gentle on the skin.
It has a gentle rose-like floral aroma that stays with you even after you finish your bath.


  • Long-selling product on the market since 1928
  • Can be used to wash face
  • Available in sets containing from 1 to 10

Basic Information


  • Cow Brand Red Box

Basic Information

Product name in Japanese
カウブランド 赤箱
Cow Brand Soap Kyoshinsha Co.,Ltd.
Quantity and Price
1 regular size bar around 100g and 100 yen (tax excl.)
※Available in other sizes and in multiple-bar sets
※Prices may vary by retailer
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Official Website (Japanese)


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