Ebisu Daikoku Honpo "Osaka Sono Manma Takoyaki"

Takoyaki from Osaka have been turned into snack cakes!


These are cakes made with a special manufacturing technique that dehydrates takoyaki as the standard local specialty of Osaka. Genuine octopus is inside, and the flavor also solidly tastes like an octopus, but its crispy texture lets you enjoy it as a snack.
The dashi used when making the takoyaki is also distinctive, and it is made with kombu from Hokkaido, and dried shiitake mushrooms, tuna and mackerel from Osaka.
The package design crammed with the charm of Osaka is as noteworthy.


  • Takoyaki as the No. 1 local specialty of Osaka is made into a snack with its flavor left as is.
  • Even though it is a snack cake, it has the genuine flavor of takoyaki.
  • The package has tons of the charm of Osaka.


  • Osaka Sono Manma Takoyaki package

    Osaka Sono Manma Takoyaki package

  • Contains 12 cakes

    Contains 12 cakes

  • It has real octopus inside!

    It has real octopus inside!


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Product name in Japanese
1,000yen (excl. tax)
*The price may vary depending on the store.
12 cakes
Available stores
Souvenir shops, at stalls at airports, etc.
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)