Noble of Water(4℃)

Bring fluidity to your day with our jewelry's rich expressions of water

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This collection uses a variety of expressive methods to breathe new life into 4℃'s signature "water droplet" motif. Our necklaces, rings, and earrings come in multiple designs and can be coordinated to complement a variety of different occasions.
Our wave-inspired necklaces imbue a sense of height, and bring out three-dimensional depth when worn at the chest.
Our bubble-inspired rings go together perfectly with ordinary outfits, while at the same time suggesting a mature playful spirit.
Our earrings, which capture the shape of water in a fleeting moment, can suit the office, parties, or any other daily setting, and come with wide array of design variation.


  • A collection which breathes new life into 4℃'s long-beloved motifs.
  • Soft, eloquent, water-inspired designs.
  • Perfect for any setting, whether at the office or at parties.



  • K10YG Necklace, K10YG Ring

    K10YG Necklace, K10YG Ring

  • K10YG Necklace, K18YG Ring

    K10YG Necklace, K18YG Ring

  • SV (YGc) Pierce

    SV (YGc) Pierce



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