Shinkansen Embroidered Socks

Socks with a Shinkansen design that is popular among children


Children’s socks with cute shinkansen embroidery. There are 5 choices, with the popular Shinkansen models of the “923 Type Doctor Yellow,” “N700A,” “E5 Series,” E6 Series,” and “W7 Series.”
They are offered in the 2 sizes of the kids’ size and babies’ size. The babies’ size socks have non-slip processing on the sole.
They can be purchased in main station yards across Japan.


  • 5 types of popular Shinkansen models are expressed with embroidery and colors.
  • The babies’ socks are safe because of non-slip processing.


  • Shinkansen Embroidered Socks

    Shinkansen Embroidered Socks

  • Kids’ Socks

    Kids’ Socks

  • Babies’ Socks

    Babies’ Socks

  • Babies’ Socks Have Non-Slip Processing

    Babies’ Socks Have Non-Slip Processing

  • With Shinkansen Embroidery

    With Shinkansen Embroidery


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Product name in Japanese
Heso Production Co., Ltd.
Kids 450 yen (tax not included), Baby 500 yen (tax not included)
Stores where it is sold
Stores in station yards, railway museums, shops with railway goods, etc.
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)