SUV Business Bag 3-Way Side Model

A Tough 3-Way Business Bag You Can Work Hard, Inspired by SUVs


This business bag has 3-way functionality, usable as a handbag, for shoulder wear, or as a rucksack, making it usable in all business situations.
The special rubber section where the harness attaches to the bag helps to reduce the load on shoulders. The bag feels light to carry. (※Individual experience may vary.) The fabric used is tough and water-repelling nylon, and the zipper is a YKK water-repellent type.
It can also be configured as a suitcase, making it easy to bring along for business trips.
There is also a chest belt attached for when wearing as a rucksack. It can be used with just one hand.


  • 3-way business bag you can carry, wear on shoulders, or wear as a rucksack
  • Special rubber section helps reduce shoulder strain
  • Chest belt for rucksack usage allows for one-handed usage
  • Pocket attached for holding water bottles or folding umbrellas


  • SUV Business Bag 3-Way Side Model
  • A light-feeling business bag you can carry on your back
  • Special rubber section acts like an SUV’s suspension
  • Water-repellent nylon and YKK water-repellent zipper
  • Chest belt can be used with just one hand


Basic Information

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18,100yen(tax not included)
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