AQUALABEL Special Gel Cream A (White) (Medicated Product)

“Cosmetology-Like Skin Whitening Care” All-in-One Gel Cream

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This all-in-one gel cream comes from Shiseido’s popular skincare brand “AQUALABEL.” It functions as 5 products in 1 (toner, body milk, cream, beauty serum, and face mask), and it also can be used for skin whitening care (by suppressing melanin production and preventing spots and freckles).
Apply one almond-sized dab of this product to your whole face using your fingertips after washing your face in the morning or at night, and then hold your palms over your cheeks.


  • 5-in-1 functionality (toner, body milk, cream, beauty serum, and face mask).
  • Enjoy cosmetology-like satisfaction.
  • Provides both skin whitening care and moisturizing care.
  • Gentle herbal rose fragrance.


  • Moisturizing leads to clear skin.

    Moisturizing leads to clear skin.

  • Simple and refined package

    Simple and refined package



Product name in Japanese
アクアレーベル スペシャルジェルクリームA (ホワイト)(医薬部外品)
Shiseido Co., Ltd.
90g 1,980 yen(tax included)
※Prices may vary by shop.
Drug stores, cosmetic stores, daily need stores, online shops, etc.
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