Osaka Crème Caramel Dacquoise

Sweet, crème caramel-flavored cream sandwiched between luxurious dacquoise


This decadent dessert features sweet, crème caramel-flavored cream sandwiched between crispy batter made using almond-flavored meringue. The crispy exterior and soft filling provide a pleasant contrast.
The pink packaging is a cute touch, and it's sure to please when given as a souvenir after a trip to Osaka.
The fact that the cakes come individually wrapped is also worthy of note.


  • A sweet consisting of crème caramel-flavored cream sandwiched between dacquoise.
  • Individually wrapped, meaning that cakes can easily be repurposed as small souvenirs for bigger groups of people.
  • Eye-catching, cute packaging.


  • Osaka Crème Caramel Dacquoise

    Osaka Crème Caramel Dacquoise

  • Individually wrapped

    Individually wrapped


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Product name in Japanese
Heso Production Co.
The 9-piece box is 1,100 yen (excluding tax)
Available at
Souvenir stores, variety shops, etc... in the Kansai region
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)