La Corbeille Rice Bran Cleansing Paste

A Cleansing Paste that Cleans Pores with the Power of Rice Bran


This makeup remover and face wash contains rice from the Yamagata Prefecture “Tsuyahime” brand of rice.
This product makes use of the great qualities of rice bran, which has been used in face wash and soaps since the Edo period.
Once you’ve spread this product across your face, use cold or hot water to massage it into your skin, allowing it to remove makeup and excess sebum. After that, once you rinse it off, you’re done, with no need to wash your face again with an additional cleanser.
Rice bran is a natural scrubbing agent that gently removes dirt from your pores.
This paste also contains various moisturizing beauty ingredients, so after washing with it your skin looks as refreshed as freshly-cooked rice.


  • Made with rice bran from the Yamagata Prefecture “Tsuyahime” brand rice
  • No need for a second wash with cleanser! This one product both removes makeup and washes your face
  • Moisturizing beauty ingredients help make your skin look as refreshed as freshly-cooked rice
  • Rice bran is a natural scrubbing agent that helps to clean pores
  • Gentle aromatic scent like that of freshly-cooked rice


  • Rice Bran Cleansing Paste


Basic Information

Product name in Japanese
ラ コルベイユ 米ぬか配合クレンジングペースト
Iseki industry co. ltd.
1,300yen (tax not included)
※Prices may vary by shop.
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