Rabbit Island Ohkunoshima

An Island Inhabited by 900 Plus Adorable Rabbits

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Okunoshima was once called "the island that disappeared from the map" because it was used as a base for poison gas during World War II. It is now a beautiful island home to more than 900 rabbits and has been designated a national park. Almost all rabbits on the island are of a species called "cave rabbits", which tend to live in groups and have the habit of digging and making holes. In recent years, okunoshima, also known as "Rabbit Island", has gained publicity on the internet via social media, so it has become a popular tourist destination for visitors both from Japan and abroad.

Rabbit Island is small in size, with only 4 kilometers to walk along the shore to cover the complete circuit of the island. Along the way, you can enjoy the natural scenery as well as the fun of intimate contact with rabbits. The island has many accommodations including hot springs and shops, as well as restaurants where one can indulge in the local cuisine, allowing every visitor to have a fulfilling and healing leisure time.

The Hotel Kyukamura Ohkunoshima is a perfect family getaway, complete with camping base and tennis courts, as well as biking and fishing. In addition, there is also "Okunoshima Poison Gas Museum" on the island, where exhibits and historical materials are displayed as a reminder of the tragic history of poison gas and what the war had brought to mankind. Those who are interested in history may drop in for a visit.

As wild rabbits live on the island, please do not litter, so as not to pollute the environment and affect the health of rabbits. There’s no place to buy feed on the island, please prepare your own if you wish to feed the rabbits. Also please take away any leftovers. Otherwise, it’ll help increase the numbers of predators such as crows, eagles and wild boars. Please follow the rules of the island and enjoy the healing journey on Rabbit Island.


  • An island inhabited by around 900 wild rabbits.
  • A hot topic on global social media.
  • Popular with both domestic tourists and abroad.
  • Enjoy camping, cycling, tennis, and fishing at the Hotel Kyukamura Ohkunoshima.
  • Be mindful and respectful of your surroundings while sightseeing to protect the wild rabbits.


  • The rabbits that live on the island of Ohkunoshima

    The rabbits that live on the island of Ohkunoshima

  • Enjoy the beauty of nature on this small island

    Enjoy the beauty of nature on this small island

  • European rabbits dig burrows and live in groups

    European rabbits dig burrows and live in groups

  • Ohkunoshima Island Poison Gas Museum

    Ohkunoshima Island Poison Gas Museum


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Postal Code
Okunoshima, Tadanomicho, Takehara City, Hiroshima
Days Closed
Approx. 7-minute walk from the JR Kure Line’s Tadano-Umi Station to Tadano-Umi Port, and then approx. 15-minute boat ride from Tadano-Umi Port
Official Website
Official Website (English)