Kurushima Strait Boat Tour

A thrilling ride along the racing currents of Kurushima Straits. Discover the area’s history and sites, including the enormous shipbuilding works!

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The Boat tour

The Shimanami Kaido road, which connects Onomichi City in Honshu to Imabari city on Shikoku island, crosses over several islands in the Seto Inland Sea, Oshima island being the last one at the southern end of the road. The Kurushima Strait exists between Oshima island and Shikoku, and is well-known for having one of the three fastest currents in Japan. Rapid swells and a complex terrain create powerful whirlpools that swirl across the Strait. Why don't you get on the Kurushima Strait Boat for this thrilling natural adventure?


  • The spectacular view of the Great Kurushima Strait Bridge seen from the boat.
  • The current can be too strong to get closer.
  • The most powerful current occurs at full moon or new moon day.
  • Foreign language pamphlets are available.

Kurushima Strait Boat Tour experience



  • 孫佳玲


  • 張紋娟


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Tour name
Kurushima Strait Boat Tour
Facility name
Michi no Eki Yoshiumi Iki-Iki Kan
Postal Code
Yoshiumichomyo 4520-2, Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture (Tickets office)
* For inquiries further than 2 days in advance, please contact Shimanami Sales Headquarters 0898-25-7338.
Operating hours
10:00 am - 4 pm on weekdays, 9 am - 4 pm on weekends and national holidays
* Boat schedule varies by seasons and days of the week.
New Year's Day and special seasonal closing days (January to March)
*Boats operate only for group reservations above 5 passengers from December to February.
cash, credit card, electric money, QR code payment.
Ticket fee
above junior high school students 1500yen, elementary school students 1000 yen
*Below elementary school age; free if accompanied by adults of the same number. 1000 yen for children greater than the number of the accompanying adults. 1000 yen for unaccompanied young people.
Group size
boarding capacity up to 42 people
Available foreign language: English
Official site
Official site