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Michi no Eki Yoshiumi Iki-Iki Kan

Enjoy a fresh seafood BBQ while looking out over the Kurushima Strait Bridge.

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At the foot of the Kurushima Strait Bridge, Michi no Eki Yoshiumi Iki-Iki Kan is an expansive roadside rest spot for travelers.
Visitors can enjoy a view overlooking the Kurushima Strait while eating fresh seafood dishes or barbequing on the coals of a personal grill.

For barbeque, you can choose seafood ingredients fresh from the tank and grill them on the spot.
The fast-flowing current of Kurushima Strait gives way to a robust and succulent variety of fish. You can also have your fish prepared as sashimi if you like. The menu serves reasonably priced combo sets, as well as single plate orders. You can also find oysters in the winter, in addition to meat and vegetable options.
*Seafood prices are subject to change depending on the season.

The restaurant also serves a wide variety of dishes taking advantage of the fresh seafood and other special local delights.
Specially recommended is the Kurushima Sea Bream sashimi and tai-meshi, a flavored rice steamed with sea bream. They also sell freshly fried local fish cakes on the weekends and holidays.


  • BBQ freshly caught seafood on a personal charcoal grill.
  • Enjoy choosing from a variety of live fish swimming in the tank.
  • The shop stocks plenty of locally grown vegetables, fresh seafood, local specialty products, and souvenir gift items.
  • Dishes use a flavorful, robust Kurushima sea bream.
  • Boat tours available to Kurushima Strait, one of the three fastest currents in Japan.


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  • Fresh seafood

    Fresh seafood

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    BBQ hall

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    Fish tank

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    Seafood tank

  • Fresh seafood

    Fresh seafood

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Can you provide services in foreign languages? (If so, please also inform us of the supported languages)


Yes (Chinese)


Is free WiFi available in the facility?


Yes, it is.


Are pets allowed?


Only seeing-eye/service dogs are allowed inside. Some spots in the terrace seating area maybe available. Please ask a staff member to confirm.


Can I bring my pet inside to eat with me?


Pets are only available in the seafood BBQ area (reservation required). Please inquire with a staff member beforehand.



Name in Japanese
道の駅 よしうみいきいき館
Postal Code
4520-2 Yoshiumichomyo, Imabari City, Ehime
Restaurant: 11am – 2pm (L.O. 2pm)
Shop & food court: 10am – 4pm
Seafood BBQ: 10am – 4pm (L.O. 3pm)
New Year’s Day
*Additional closures in the winter
1,000 yen -2,000 yen
From Hiroshima prefecture, 20-minute drive from the Oshima-Kita Interchange on Nishi-Seto Expressway
From Ehime prefecture, 5-minute drive from Oshima-Minami Interchange on Nishi-Seto Expressway
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)