Udon Ippuku
Kokubunji Flagship Restaurant

A popular restaurant even in the home of Sanuki udon! Thin yet firm udon noodles.

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The “Udon Ippuku Kokubunji Flagship Restaurant” located about 10 minutes on foot from the JR Hashioka Station in Kagawa, Takamatsu City, is a famous restaurant that is popular even in the home of Sanuki udon and is highly rated. The slightly thin, Sanuki udon with a firm texture combined with the fragrant broth is delicious.

For the standard Kake udon, one can choose to have either the broth or noodles, either hot or cold. It is also recommended to make a garnish using the free condiments like spring onions and grated daikon radish, and add one’s topping of choice such as tempura to the dish.

The reasonable price is also attractive, starting from 230 yen for an authentic bowl of udon. Dishes with a large volume of noodles, with two and three serving sizes are of great value, and are also recommended for those with a large appetite.

One can enjoy various types of udon, such as Bukkake udon where a concentrated broth is poured over the udon, and Beef udon which is a Kake udon (basic udon with lighter broth) topped with sweet and spicy stewed beef. A local cuisine “Shippoku udon” is also offered that is limited to the winter season.


  • It is a famous udon restaurant, but very reasonably priced. It is highly rated by major gourmet websites.
  • There is a wide variety of toppings. One can enjoy the udon to one’s taste with favourite condiments and toppings.
  • Udon as souvenirs are also sold.
  • Other than the Kokubunji flagship restaurant, there are sister restaurants in Osaka, and in Minamishinmachi, Takamatsu City.


  • Kake udon

    Kake udon

  • Kamatama udon

    Kamatama udon

  • Bukkake udon

    Bukkake udon

  • Beef udon

    Beef udon

  • Beef bukkake udon

    Beef bukkake udon

  • Zaru (bamboo tray) udon

    Zaru (bamboo tray) udon

  • Kitsune udon

    Kitsune udon

  • Side orders

    Side orders

  • Oden (a type of nabemono)

    Oden (a type of nabemono)

  • Tempura


  • Onigiri



  • 王昌賢


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Name in Japanese
うどん一福 国分寺本店
Postal Code
169-1 Kokubunjichonii, Takamatsu City, Kagawa
Business Hours
Irregular holidays
300 yen -1,000 yen
About 10 minutes on foot from the JR Yosan Line Hashioka Station.
Credit Cards
Not accepted
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