Udon Honjin Yamadaya
Sanuki Flagship Restaurant

A restaurant where 4000 people a day form a line, and where one can enjoy authentic Sanuki udon.

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The Udon Honjin Yamadaya Sanuki Flagship Restaurant, about 20 minutes on foot from the Kotoden Shido Line Yakuri Station, is even selected by a well-known gourmet website as a famous restaurant where one can enjoy authentic Sanuki udon.

The dough is carefully prepared by seasoned craftspeople with techniques that include “Ashibumi”, “Kukimomi” and “Teuchi” using the feelings of their hands and feet. The restaurant is rated as “always spot on” by their regular customers for regulating salt and temperature according to the timing of the service, and for using carefully selected ingredients because of the dish’s simplicity.

There is a wide-ranging menu including a local dish of the Sanuki region “Shippoku udon”, udon in a Nabe (a type of Japanese hotpot dish) “Sanuki Udonsuki” and “Udon Kaiseki” which allows you to enjoy a variety of Japanese food together with udon in a sitting.

The restaurant that is built on the vast 28500 sq. ft. property is also designated as a registered Tangible Cultural Property, and apart from the zashiki (tatami seating), Japanese garden seating is available as a space where history and elegance can be felt.
After one is fully satisfied with the udon, the coffee and Japanese desserts that are also offered are recommended.


  • The building is a registered Tangible Cultural Property, where one can also enjoy elegance, history and culture.
  • Authentic Sanuki udon that is always spot on, with attention to detail to the ingredients and preparation.
  • A wide-ranging menu is offered from a simple udon with tsuyu (broth), to an accompaniment with a full scale Japanese set meal.
  • One can eat a simple udon dish for around 500 yen, and the reasonable prices for other dishes can be appreciated.


  • The exterior

    The exterior

  • The garden

    The garden

  • Kama Bukkake

    Kama Bukkake

  • Zaru Bukkake

    Zaru Bukkake

  • Zaru Bukkake Set Menu

    Zaru Bukkake Set Menu

  • Kama Bukkake

    Kama Bukkake

  • Jyo-tempura Udon

    Jyo-tempura Udon

  • Yakisaba-zushi (grilled mackerel sushi)

    Yakisaba-zushi (grilled mackerel sushi)

  • Udonsuki party

    Udonsuki party

  • The interior

    The interior

  • Zashiki (a tatami room)

    Zashiki (a tatami room)

  • The restaurant annex

    The restaurant annex

  • The new building

    The new building

  • The garden

    The garden

  • The cherry blossom

    The cherry blossom


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Name in Japanese
うどん本陣 山田家 讃岐本店
Postal Code
3186 Murechomure, Takamatsu City, Kagawa
Business Hours
No holidays
Lunch 350-1,500 yen, Dinner 1,000-5,000 yen
About 20 minutes on foot from the Kotoden Shido Line Yakuri Station.
Credit Cards
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)