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Waraya (Kagawa)

A restaurant in the quaint interior of a Japanese folk house where one can eat authentic Sanuki udon noodles with an emphasis on ingredients and preparation.

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A famous restaurant conspicuous by its thatched roof and water mill. The restaurant is a reconstructed Japanese folk house where one can enjoy eating udon with a sense of Japanese ambience.
In order to make the best udon noodles each day, the highest quality flour is used, along with fine tuning the amount of brine and its concentration according to climate, temperature and humidity. The noodles are not pre-made and are always offered freshly made.

The signature dishes include the four different styles in which udon is served, namely “Kamaage udon”, “Zaru udon”, “Kijoyu udon” and “Bukkake udon”.

The recommended dish is Kamaage udon. Since there is no step involved to firm up the hot boiled noodles with cold water, this dish is a test piece in which the chef’s skill is tested to achieve the desired chewy texture in the noodles. Come and taste the deliciousness of an authentic Sanuki udon with a secret broth made with carefully selected ingredients and condiments.
Enjoying the dish with egg or tempura from the side menu as toppings is also recommended.


  • Carefully selected ingredients are used from the noodles to broth and even the condiments.
  • The specialty Kamaage udon is also available for 2 people and a larger serving for 4-5 people.
  • The restaurant is a Japanese folk house with a thatched roof, providing a Japanese ambiance.
  • Udon for souvenirs are also for sale.
  • Close to the open air Japanese folk house museum “Shikoku Village”.


  • The exterior

    The exterior

  • Kamaage udon

    Kamaage udon

  • The interior where one senses the warmth of the wood

    The interior where one senses the warmth of the wood


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Name in Japanese
Postal Code
91 Yashimanakamachi, Takamatsu City, Kagawa
Business Hours
No holidays
500 yen -1,000 yen
About 5 minutes on foot from Kotohira Electric Railroad Shido Line Kotoden-Yashima Station.
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