Nobidome Irrigation Canal

An irrigation canal that offers a peaceful hometown scene.


The Nobidome Irrigation Canal has a history of 360 years. In 1655, Nobutsuna Matsudaira Izunokami (Izunokami is a popular nickname added to matsudaira), the lord of the Kawagoe domain, ordered his vassal Yasumatsu Kin'emon to build it. The water was diverted from Tamagawa Josui in Kodaira City, Tokyo, and used as drinking water for the pioneers of the Nobidome Plateau.

The canal runs from Kodaira City through Higashimurayama City and Higashikurume City to Niiza City, a total length of 24 km. At present, a promenade has been constructed along the canal, and it has become a relaxing place to enjoy the rich nature of Niiza City.

There are a number of greenways and parks along the promenade, and we recommend the Honda Greenway in spring among them. The cherry blossom trees lined with Someiyoshino and weeping cherry trees in full bloom and the irrigation canal create a peaceful scene. The scenery gives you a nostalgic "hometown" feeling. The scenery looks different when the leaves are in fresh green and autumn colors. Let's take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the scenery from season to season.


  • An irrigation canal with a history of 360 years.
  • The canal was built to provide drinking water for the pioneers of the Nobidome Plateau.
  • At present, a nature-rich promenade has been developed.
  • In spring, the scenery of the Honda Greenway, with its rows of cherry trees and irrigation canals, is magnificent.
  • You can take a walk while enjoying the changing scenery of the four seasons.


  • An irrigation canal with 360 years of history

    An irrigation canal with 360 years of history

  • Row of cherry trees near Honda Greenway

    Row of cherry trees near Honda Greenway


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Japanese Name
Postal Code
22 Honda, Niiza City, Saitama (Close by Honda Greenway)
048-424-4686 (City Promotion Section, Niiza City Hall)
Opening hours
24 hours
Closed day
Open all year round
10 min. walk from Niiza Station (JR Musashino Line)
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)