Sandanbeki Rock Cliff

A jaw-dropping, jagged cliff, pounded by the waves of the Kuroshio “Black Current”.

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Natural Scenic Beauty

Sandanbeki is a 2-km long craggy rock cliff that towers 50 meters above the sea. In the past, fishermen would call this place “midan”, a lookout point for passing ships and schools of fish, but the point has gradually become known as “Sandanbeki” over time. The rockface is pummeled by the Kuroshio Current, creating for a view that’s bound to impress you.

This spot was selected in April 2016 as a lover’s paradise, giving way to the addition of a heart-shaped monument and pink-colored postbox near the neighboring lookout point. This is one spot couples will definitely want to visit.

The inner reaches of the Sandanbeki Rock Cliff include a cave which visitors are welcome to explore.
Legend has it that Kumano Navy, who helped the Minamoto Clan in the “Genpei War” hid their ship here, leaving the shrouded aura of the historic fight over this area.

There is a Sandanbeki Foot Bath available to enjoy in front of the Sandanbeki Rock Cliff Cave’s building.


  • The lookout point offers views over the cliffs as its pummeled by waves of the Kuroshio Current.
  • The point is also known as a lover’s paradise, fully equipped with a heart-shaped monument and pink-colored postbox.
  • The rockface is rather jagged so be careful of your footing.
  • This destination is also home to nearby souvenir shops and beer breweries to complement your trip.


  • Sandanbeki Rock Cliff

    Sandanbeki Rock Cliff


  • 蔡淑娟


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2927-52 Shirahamacho, Nishimurogun, Wakayama
0739-43-5511 (Nanki Shirahama Tourism Bureau)
※For details on specific entrance fees, check the official website.
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Take an approx. 25 min. bus from JR Shirahama Station.
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