Takashima City Nogyo Makino Pick land

Enjoy seasonal delicacies and a spectacular view of the rows of metasequoia trees in a vast agricultural park consisting of three zones.

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Agricultural Park

Makino Pick land is an agricultural park located on a plateau in Makino Town, Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture. The vast site consists of three major zones where visitors can enjoy various leisure activities in nature.

The main attraction is the orchard zone, where visitors can experience seasonal flavor picking. More specifically, you can pick cherries from late May to mid-June, blueberries from mid-June to early September, grapes from early August to mid-September, chestnuts, and sweet potatoes from mid-September to late October, and apples from early October to late November. Except for when the snow is deep, there are always delicious fruits and produce to pick, making the orchard zone a significant attraction.

The Park Zone, led by the Center House that manages the facilities, has a ground golf course, a park, a produce stand, cafes, and restaurants. Inside the center house, there is a gelato store with an elaborate selection from standard to original flavors and a souvenir store with local specialties.

The roadside scenic zone is a must-see. The road passes through a vast orchard in a straight line and is lined on both sides with tall metasequoia trees, creating a stunning landscape. The trees look different in every season: greenery in spring and summer, foliage in autumn, and covered with snow in winter. Enjoy the breathtaking view selected as one of "Japan's new 100 best roadside tree views" and "100 best places to see autumn leaves in Japan".


  • A nature leisure park on a plateau in the Kosai area.
  • You can enjoy seasonal fruit picking anytime from early summer through fall.
  • Appreciate the picturesque view of a metasequoia tree-lined avenue.


  • Harvest seasonal produce

    Harvest seasonal produce

  • Don’t miss the original gelato

    Don’t miss the original gelato

  • An outstanding scenic spot of metasequoia trees

    An outstanding scenic spot of metasequoia trees


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Name in Japanese
高島市マキノ農業公園 マキノピックランド
Postal Code
835-1 Makinochoterakubo, Takashima City, Shiga
Wednesdays (or the following day if Wednesday is a national holiday) *Open every day during Golden Week, Bon holidays, chestnut orchard opening period (mid-September to mid-October), and autumn foliage period of metasequoia trees (mid-November to early December). The park may be closed on Thursdays during off-peak periods.
Business Hours
9:00 am−5:00 pm (Orchard: −4:00 pm, Cafe: 10:00 am−4:00 pm, Restaurant: 11:00 am−3:00 pm)
Free (separate fee for orchard harvesting)
From Makino Station on the JR Kosei Line, take the Takashima City Community Bus (Makino Kogen Line) for about 15 minutes, get off at Makino Pickland Bus Stop, and walk a short distance.
Credit Cards
Not accepted
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)