Taiji Town Whale Museum

Powerful shows and hands-on feeding experiences are popular. A museum specializing in whales.


A museum located in Taiji town specializing in whales. 
In the main building, which spans three floors, various materials are released under the themes of "Relationship between Humans and Whales" and "Whales from Biological Perspectives." Among them, the life-size complete skeleton specimens of right whales and orcas, such as, exhibited in the large hall of the atrium are impressive, and the diorama bringing back old-fashioned whaling is also spectacular.

Within the premises, a pool with a total area of 11,815 ㎡ is set up with making the most of the natural cove. A show only for pilot whales being unique in the world is able to be seen here. It is overwhelming to view orcas' jumping scenes which most of their big bodies are out of sea. There is no doubt that everyone may smile with a warm feeling toward the service spirit of the lovely appearance that blows water from the mouth.

It also attracts a great deal of attention to the experience of enjoying contact with whales. It is a very popular regular contents for visitors that the kayak adventure (1,000yen per person) which visitors may observe whales up close while wearing a life jacket and riding on a kayak and the feeding experience (300yen per bucket) in which visitors may directly feed them with the bucketful of fish from the pier.

Moreover, it is also entertaining to see the dolphin show which is held 4 times a day. Let’s see not only the dynamic and speedy appearance from the audience seats but also challenge the experience of giving signs to the dolphins as if you are a trainer (1,000yen per person).

* The tour is in the course of cancellation due to maintenance of the oceanarium tunnel tank while visitors may tour the aquarium facilities. Information as at July 2021.


  • There are plenty of magnificent whale materials such as whole complete body skeleton specimens.
  • A dynamic show only for pilot whales which is unique in the world.
  • The whale-feeding experience as well as the dolphin shows are being carried out. 


  • The pilot whale show.

    The pilot whale show.

  • The speedy dolphin show.

    The speedy dolphin show.

  • The complete skeleton specimen of a blue whale.

    The complete skeleton specimen of a blue whale.

  • The feeding experience at Fureai Pier.

    The feeding experience at Fureai Pier.

  • The external appearance of the museum.

    The external appearance of the museum.


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Name in Japanese
Postal Code
2934-2 Taiji, Taijicho, Higashimurogun, Wakayama
Open every day (May be temporarily closed in case of bad weather, etc.)
Business Hours
1,500yen for General (High school students or more), 800yen for Elementary and Junior high school students, and Free for infants.
About 10 minutes by Taiji Town Junkan Bus from Taiji Station of the JR Kisei Line.
Credit Cards
Not accepted
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)