Kumano Hayatama Taisha

UNESCO World Heritage, The “land of resurrection" that plays a part of Kumano Sanzan.

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A world heritage, shrine

Having been called the "land of resurrection," it is a shrine with the never-ceasing worshipers who are seeking the courage and readiness to take a new step in the passages of life. Along with Kumano Hongu Taisha and Kumano Nachi Taisha, it is called Kumano Sanzan and is the oldest shrine, the head shrine of 5,000 Kumano shrines nationwide. In 2004, it was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage.

In the beautiful vermilion-lacquered shrine, a total of 18 pillars of gods are enshrined centering around Kumano Hayatama no Okami and Kumano Musubi no Okami, the gods of the couple.

With the syncretization of Shinto with Buddhism, the idea of Kumano Gongen worship was born in Kumano, and God becomes a Buddha as a temporary figures uch that Kumano Hayatama no Okami became Yakushi Nyorai, and Kumano Musubi no Okami became Senju Kannon Bosatu, and believed to save us.

There are many sacred treasures owned by the shrine, and in particular, such as the Makie tebako (gold lacquer box) and the Saie hiogi (painted fan, made of slats of cypress wood) dedicated by the retired Emperor and Ashikaga Yoshimitsu have been designated as national treasures and are handed down as valuable treasures.

It is conveyed that the 1000-year-old sacred tree of Nageia nagi in the precincts was hand-planted by Taira no Shigemori and is designated as a national natural treasure.
Since ancient times, it is said that Nagi leaves were meant to the calm of the sea and taken as the amulets by the travellers in hopes of a calm journey along the way, as a result, there are amulets in the shape of leaves as gifts and nagi dolls made with the fruits of nagi, nowadays.

The Kumano Gou, which depicts the crow characters with Yatagarasu led Emperor Jimmu to Kashihara in Yamato, is also famous and has been revered as a almighty Ofuda(talisman)since ancient times.


  • One of the three Kumano Sanzan along with Kumano Hongu Taisha and Kumano Nachi Taisha.
  • It holds more than 1200 of old treasures.
  • There are many gifts that can only be obtained here.


  • Kumano Hayatama Taisha

    Kumano Hayatama Taisha

  • The Honden (main shrine) enshrines the couple god.

    The Honden (main shrine) enshrines the couple god.


  • 朱益齊


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