Shiono-misaki Lighthouse

A historic western-style lighthouse stands on the cliff of Shionomisaki Cape.


In 1873, this white lighthouse was turned on for the first time. Standing at the southern tip of the main island, the 22.51m-tall (74 ft) white structure has been the symbol of the Shionomisaki Cape.

Its beginning was the treaties signed in the Edo Period between the Tokugawa Administration, America, England, and two other countries, which mandated the setting up of navigation aids and therefore, western-style lighthouses were built at main bays in Japan. Shionomisaki Lighthouse is one of the first 8. Its appearance remains the same as the time of completion, which gives it a very high historical value.

The British engineer, Richard H Brunton, designed the house. When it was first lighted, the lighthouse was a wooden octagon structure. Then, it was reformed into a stone building in the current design. In 1928, electric wiring was added. Such history is displayed in the adjoining room in detail.

The light is 970,000 candela and reaches 19 knots (22 miles), guiding ships to this day. The lighthouse is open to the public and you will find a circular staircase inside with 68 steps. Stepping out on the platform surrounding the lighthouse, the expanse of the Pacific Ocean is before you. With the steep cliff and gushing waves, it is a powerful sight.


  • The symbol of Shionomisaki Cape at the southern edge of the main island.
  • Stand on the platform and the Pacific Ocean pans out before you.
  • The circular staircase inside has 68 steps. Open to the public.


  • The snow-white lighthouse standing at the cliff

    The snow-white lighthouse standing at the cliff

  • It still shines and works!

    It still shines and works!


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Postal Code
2877 Shionomisaki, Kushimotocho, Higashimurogun, Wakayama
Open every day
March-Sep: Sat, Sun, holidays 8:30am-5pm, Weekdays 9am-4:30pm,
Oct-Feb: 9am-4:30pm
Adults 300 yen, Elementary children and younger Free
from JR Kushimoto Station, ride Kushimoto-cho Community Bus for 17 min.
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