Kagerou by Fukubishi

The famous confectionary, "Kagero," is based on the intuition and experience of its pastry chefs.

Japanese and Western confectionery store

A long-established confectionary shop in Shirahama Town, Wakayama Prefecture. Since 1933, Kagero has maintained their motto of “trust, safety, and taste” for three generations. The company has won countless awards at prestigious contests, including the National Confectionary Exposition.

The recommended product, "Kagero" (price from 1,080 yen for 10 pieces), won the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award at the 26th National Confectionary Exposition, and is a best seller that has kept the same recipe since its release in 1967.
The softly baked cream puffs are filled with a mildly sweetened cream giving them a perfectly harmonious texture--crispy outside and fluffy inside. Kagero (heat haze in Japanese) is characterized by its lightness, as if the cookies and cream disappear together the moment you put it in your mouth, thus named after the fleeting image like a heat haze on the beach.

Although the production efficiency has improved due to automation and technological advances, the pastry chefs continue to rely on their intuition and experience. They particularly pay attention to the dough, and make subtle adjustments to the ingredients and kneading process according to the temperature and humidity of the day.

In addition to the Kagero, you can also try the Yuzu Monaka (from 650 yen for 12 pieces), which has an excellent yuzu flavored bean paste, and the elegant round monaka Hamayu (from 650 yen for 6 pieces). The Cafe serves fresh Kagero and other Western-style cakes.


  • Prestigious long-established confectionary shop established in 1933.
  • Kagero is the signature product made with the same recipe since its release in 1967.
  • Superb taste based on the intuition and experience of pastry chefs.


  • Kagero: softly baked cookies stuffed with cream

    Kagero: softly baked cookies stuffed with cream

  • Red and white package is impressive

    Red and white package is impressive


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Product name in Japanese
1080 yen for 10 pieces
Available shops
Main store, Omiyage Kaido shop at JR Wakayama station central exit. Kintetsu Department store, Kishuya Hamatoku in Kuroshio Ichiba Market
Official Website
Official Website (English)