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Shigaraki Toen Tanuki Mura

Japan's humongous Shigaraki ware Tanuki(pottery raccoon dog)welcomes you to this complex.

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Shigaraki is one of the six oldest kilns in Japan, and has the longest history of any of them. In this small mountain village surrounded by nature, there are many pottery studios and stores selling pottery, and everywhere you go you will be greeted by Shigaraki ware Tanuki.

Because "Tanuki" and "Ahead of the others" are both rhymes with the same word, Tanuki pottery was considered a good omen for prosperity and was first made in the Meiji era at a local kiln. In 1951, when the Showa Emperor visited Shigaraki, it was reported that there was an endless line of Shigaraki ware Tanuki holding a small flag of the Hinomaru (Japanese national flag) along the roadside. This was the beginning of the nationwide recognition of Shigaraki ware Tanuki as a symbol of Shigaraki.

In the midst of all this, there is one place where huge tanuki pottery, the largest in Japan, is displayed. It is the "Shigaraki Toen Tanuki Mura," a complex facility where you can experience Shigaraki ware, eat, and shop. More than 10,000 Tanukis, including a giant Tanuki, are gathered here. With their adorable expressions, you can't help but take more pictures of them.

It's fun to just walk around the facility surrounded by a variety of Tanuki, but why don't you try your hand at Shigaraki pottery. There are a wide variety of programs available, from simple painting to full-scale pottery making using an electric potter's wheel. You can easily experience Shigaraki pottery making according to which level you go to, your situation, and your budget.

After the workshop, you can enjoy a meal using local and suburban ingredients (advance reservation required). Then, enjoy looking for souvenirs at the store that sells a variety of Shigaraki other than Tanuki.


  • The famous Tanuki is the largest in Japan, not to mention Shigaraki.
  • You can experience Shigaraki ware through a variety of hands-on programs.
  • Check out the special packages that include a meal and a workshop.


  • You will be greeted by giant Tanukis that exceed the roof of the building.

    You will be greeted by giant Tanukis that exceed the roof of the building.

  • Let's try Shigaraki ware with a variety of pottery workshops.

    Let's try Shigaraki ware with a variety of pottery workshops.


  • 杜微翔


  • 陳偉豪



Name in Japanese
信楽陶苑 たぬき村
Postal Code
1293-2 Shigarakichomaki, Koka City, Shiga
New Year's holiday period.
Admission Fee
[workshop] Shigaraki ware electric potter's wheel course from 1,650 yen~, Hand-building course from 1,650 yen~, Painting on ware course from 550 yen~, Tanuki ware making course from 2,200 yen
7-minute walk from Shigaraki Kogen Railway Kumoi Station.
Credit Cards
Accepted (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, UnionPay)
Official Website (Japanese)