Cheese Garden "Goyoutei Cheesecake"

Rich baked cheesecake carefully baked by pastry chef in Nasu-Kogen Highland.

Cheese cake

“Goyoutei Cheese Cake“ (1,350 yen) is the signature product of "Cheese Garden", which manufactures and sells sweets such as cheese cakes and cookies in Nasu Kogen, Tochigi Prefecture. Taking advantage of Tochigi Prefecture as the second largest producer of dairy milk in Japan, the cheesecake is made using only high-quality cream cheese and is a baked type with a rich and moist texture. The cheesecake is baked slowly at a low temperature by skilled pastry chef who adjust the baked color and texture. The combination of different types of cheeses gives the cake a rich milk and cheese flavor.

It can be carried at room temperature, making it ideal as a souvenir. If you cool it in the refrigerator before eating, the cake will become stable and richer, and if you warm it a little, the aroma of cheese will stand out and the texture will be fluffy. Seasonal flavors such as cherry blossoms in spring, lemon in summer, and chestnuts in autumn will also be available, so don't miss it.


  • Cheesecake born in Tochigi, the second largest producer of dairy milk in Japan.
  • A rich taste from a blend of several types of cream cheese.
  • Seasonal cheesecake will also be available.


  • Sold by a whole cake with a diameter of about 16.5 cm

    Sold by a whole cake with a diameter of about 16.5 cm


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Product name in Japanese
Cheese Garden
1,350 yen
Stores available
Cheese Garden stores, etc.
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)