Izumiya "Goyoutei no Tsuki”

Standard souvenir from Nasu-Kogen Highland, with thick cream wrapped in fluffy sponge.


Sponge cake filled with fine custard cream that is well known as a specialty dessert of Nasu-Kogen Highland in Tochigi Prefecture. It is the signature product of Izumiya, a manufacturer and seller of Japanese confections and Western influenced treats in Tochigi, who has won awards at the National Confectionary Exposition, which has a history dating back to the Meiji era.

The custard cream, which is made with a particular type and amount of fresh cream, is smooth and rich. The sponge cake that surrounds the custard has a fluffy texture due to the way it is heated and mixed. When eaten at room temperature, it softly melts in your mouth, and when eaten chilled, the sponge becomes moist and makes a different texture. All the products are made at the "Okashinoshiro Nasu Heartland" in Nasu-Kogen Highland, and you can observe the production process through the glass window.


  • One of Tochigi Prefecture's most famous confections, which has won awards at various expositions.
  • The custard is filled with fresh cream and the sponge surrounding the custard is fluffy which makes it so delicious.
  • There is also a factory where you can observe the production process.


  • Individually wrapped, so it makes a great souvenir for workplace.

    Individually wrapped, so it makes a great souvenir for workplace.

  • Moist and fluffy texture

    Moist and fluffy texture


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Product name in Japanese
535 yen for 4 pieces, 885 yen for 6 pieces, 1,190 yen for 8 pieces, 1,470 yen for 10 pieces, 2,220 yen for 15 pieces
Stores available
Okashinoshiro Nasu Heartland, etc.
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)