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Hotel Urashima

Access by boat from the port! Enormous onsen ryokan with large cave baths.

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This enormous onsen ryokan is located in the Nanki-Katsuura onsen near the World Heritage Kumano-Nachi Taisha shrine. The complex consists of four buildings: the main building, the Nisshokan, the Sanjokan, and the Nagisakan, and accommodates 404 guest rooms; it’s one of the largest hotels in Japan.

The entire Noroshi Peninsula, which separates Katsuura Port from the Pacific Ocean, is the home of the ryokan. A turtle-shaped shuttle boat connects between the ryokan and the port. A shuttle bus is also available from the parking lot. (Only shuttle bus service is available on days when the shuttle boat does not operate.)

The biggest attraction here is the two large natural cave baths named "Boki-do" and "Genbudo.” These beautiful baths are built in wild natural caves created by erosion and offer a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean. The spring water contains sodium chloride and calcium chloride. A huge volume of spring water flows into the five large baths, including the cave baths. An activity to collect stamps from each bath site is held to encourage guests to visit as many baths as possible.

Katsuura Port is a tuna town that has the largest catch of fresh tuna in Japan. A tuna cutting show is held at the buffet dinner, and guests can savor as much freshly cut tuna as they want. A kaiseki meal plan is also available for guests staying in the Sanjokan.


  • One of the largest hot spring ryokans in Japan.
  • Has a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean from the cave baths not found anywhere else.
  • You can enjoy as much tuna as you want at the buffet.
  • A turtle-shaped shuttle boat, Urashima-maru, connects the ryokan and the port.


  • Overview of Hotel Urashima

    Overview of Hotel Urashima

  • Cave bath, Boki-do

    Cave bath, Boki-do

  • Cave bath, Genbudo

    Cave bath, Genbudo

  • Dinner buffet with fresh tuna

    Dinner buffet with fresh tuna

  • The Japanese room in Nisshokan faces the Pacific Ocean

    The Japanese room in Nisshokan faces the Pacific Ocean


  • Tom Song

    浦島飯店 ~在碼頭對岸就是浦島飯店哦~也是我第一次住到,要做船才能入住的溫泉飯店,真的太酷了!!

  • 陸曼心


  • Emma Lee

    到飯店去check in是坐造型小船前往,飯店共有好幾個館溫泉池也很多種,地上有各種不同顏色指標來標示想去的地方,不然真的會迷失方向。


Name in Japanese
Postal Code
1165-2 Katsuura, Nachikatsuura-cho, Higashimuro-gun, Wakayama
Until 10:00am
Accommodation Fee
A night with two meals, from 14,000 yen (excl. tax)
6-minute walk from Kii-Katsuura Station on JR Kisei Line to the designated pier, get on shuttle boat for 5 minutes
Credit Cards
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Official Website (English)