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Former Japan National Railways Temiya Line

Take a nostalgic stroll through the retro railway remnants.

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Part of the first railway in Hokkaido, the "Government-Operated Horonai Railway," was laid to transport coal mined from the Horonai coal mine in the current Mikasa City to the port city of Otaru. It was in operation from its opening in 1880 until its closure in 1985.

Today, the former railway site has been revitalized into a walking trail by the city of Otaru. Stretching approximately 1.6 kilometers from the central area to the Otaru City Comprehensive Museum, the trail follows the path of Hokkaido's railway origins. The original tracks, level crossings, and barriers have been preserved, keeping the atmosphere of the past alive. In 2018, it was designated as a Hokkaido Heritage site under the name "Otaru's Railway Heritage."

Along the walking trail adorned with seasonal flowers, visitors can capture commemorative photos at the railway remnants. It's highly praised for providing opportunities for unique and photogenic shots. The trail, which takes about 30 minutes to stroll from north to south, is lined with retro attractions such as the former Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK Line) Otaru Branch, and cafes and dance halls housed in stone warehouses.


  • A walking trail revitalized from the former railway site in operation from 1880 to 1985.
  • Extending approximately 1.6 kilometers from north to south.
  • Preserves original railway tracks, barriers, and level crossings, offering plenty of nostalgic photo opportunities.


  • Walking trail utilizing the actual railway in operation.

    Walking trail utilizing the actual railway in operation.

  • Retro buildings scattered along the walking trail.

    Retro buildings scattered along the walking trail.

  • Abandoned railway remnants adorned with lush greenery and seasonal flowers.

    Abandoned railway remnants adorned with lush greenery and seasonal flowers.

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