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Savor the exquisite "tamago kake gohan" made with fresh eggs directly delivered from the poultry farm.

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Located right in front of the world heritage site, "Himeji Castle," is a specialized "tamago kake gohan" (egg over rice) store. With the desire for customers to "enjoy the genuine taste of eggs," this poultry farm, founded in 1925, opened this store in 2009. Not only eggs but they also serve meals made with their homegrown rice and local ingredients, ensuring a safe, healthy, and satisfying dining experience.

One of the highlights here is the "Tamakake meshi" made with eggs from their very own breed, named "Yume Sodachi." While diners are free to enjoy it any way they wish, the recommended method is to leave a small space on the piping hot rice, drizzle the special soy sauce, and then crack the Yume Sodachi egg over it. The dish is served as a set with pickles and miso soup, and what's more, both the rice and egg are refillable! You can also customize your dish with various toppings, including Moro miso, seasoned seaweed, and Himeji's specialty, Hinepon.

Besides that, they offer specialties such as the "Special Toramaki atsuyaki tamago" made from fresh morning eggs and a bento box with grilled Conger eel from Awaji and the thick omelette, named "Myodai toramaki tamago no anago meshi." These are also available for takeout.


  • A poultry farm-operated store famous for its "Tamakake meshi" made using "Yume Sodachi" eggs.
  • Alongside eggs, they prioritize using their farm-grown rice and vegetables, ensuring a safe and genuine taste.
  • Refillable rice and eggs for "Tamakake meshi."
  • Numerous toppings available for customization.
  • "Special Toramaki atsuyaki tamago" and "Myodai toramaki tamago no anago meshi" are available for takeout.


  • The store fronting the gates of Himeji Castle.

    The store fronting the gates of Himeji Castle.

  • The specially nurtured "Yume Sodachi's Tamakake meshi."

    The specially nurtured "Yume Sodachi's Tamakake meshi."

  • The "Myodai toramaki tamago no anago meshi" featuring Awaji's Conger eel and Yume Sodachi's omelette.

    The "Myodai toramaki tamago no anago meshi" featuring Awaji's Conger eel and Yume Sodachi's omelette.

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Do you have menus in foreign languages or with pictures? (If so, please let us know the languages available.)


English and Chinese menu are available.


Can I get take-out?


Yes, you can take out the Conger eel bento and thick omelette.


Is there free Wi-Fi available in the restaurant?


No free Wi-Fi available.


Is it possible to reserve a seat?


No, it isn’t.



Name in Japanese
Postal Code
68 Honmachi, Himeji City, Hyogo
Located within the premises of the "Iero Yashiki Kan 'Ha'."
Open every day
Business Hours
About 12 minutes walk from JR Himeji Station.
Credit Cards
Not accepted
Official Website
Official Website (English)