Over 150 Various Shops, Cafés, and Restaurants in JR East’s Largest “Ekinaka” Station Shopping Area, Located Within Tokyo Station

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JR Easts’ largest “ekinaka” (train station shopping area) “GRANSTA TOKYO” opened on August 3rd, 2020 inside of Tokyo Station. Within its iconic “Square Zero” large open area, visitors can get an excellent view of the essence of “city” with the carefully-selected lineup of shops, cafés, and restaurants.

Among the over 150 different facilities available not only will you find shops perfect for picking out souvenirs, but there is also a chocolate café, a bakery café, a sake tasting bar, a conveyor belt sushi restaurant with fish caught fresh that morning, a restaurant that recreates old-time dining train cars, and more! From dropping in for a quick drink to picking out a bento to eat, GRANSTA TOKYO is sure to always offer something new to discover and enjoy whenever you may stop by.


  • JR East’s largest “ekinaka” facility, located inside of Tokyo Station.
  • Over 150 varied shops, cafés, and restaurants.
  • A place you can stop by many times for things like bento boxes and souvenirs.


  • Enjoy the atmosphere of an old-timey train dining car at “STATION RESTAURANT THE CENTRAL.”
  • “CACAO HUNTERS Plus” is a chocolate café where guests can enjoy treats that draw out the deliciousness of cacao, like sweets and gelato
  • Enjoy fresh fish caught that morning after you come in by Shinkansen, high-speed bus, or airplane at “Kaitenzushi Haneda Ichiba”
  • “nuevo by BUNMEIDO,” a new brand by 100-year-old castela specialty store BUNMEIDO, is a perfect place to pick up souvenirs!
  • “Hasegawa Sake-ten GRANSTA TOKYO” helps to spread sake culture by offeing samples of sake at its tasting bar and selling onigiri (rice balls) made from brewer’s rice
  • GRANSTA TOKYO is a great place to enjoy picking out souvenirs, prepared foods, and bento boxes. The “town” that you’ll find inside the ekinaka is a new draw to Tokyo Station that always will have something to offer you.


  • 黃來發


  • 許靜慧


  • 蔡義忠


  • 吳嘉惠


  • 饒倩如

    推薦 魚忠的「奢華丼」,飯上鋪著滿滿的生海膽、鮭魚卵等⋯⋯食材相當新鮮,海膽完全沒有腥味🥰

  • Rise


  • 陳錦玉


  • 陳鈺潔


  • 郭恩凱


  • 李宜瑄


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JR East’s Tokyo Station, 1F and B1F (both within and outside ticket gate) 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
03-6212-1740 *TetsudoKaikan co.Ltd.
Open every day
Business Hours
8:00am-10:00pm (8:00am-9:00pm on Sundays and last days of holidays) ※Some stores may have different hours
Past the ticket gate at the central passage and north free passage of JR East’s Tokyo Station. Some stores are also accessible from outside the ticket gates.
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