Let’s go to Hitachi Seaside Park to enjoy the sight of a blue flower carpet and a world of tulips! It takes only 90 minutes from Ueno!

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There are so many nice resorts in Japan in the spring. Beautiful cherry blossoms in particular come out here and there, and have Japan beautifully and impressively decked out. But Hitachi Seaside Park I recommended to you features not merely cherry blossoms, and it is a wonderland of a varieties of flowers. Among them, the baby blue-eyes (nemophilas) in bloom from late April and to mid-May are especially captivating to me. Four million, five hundred thousand baby blue-eyes form a “blue carpet” merging into the blue sky, when the sky and the earth are difficult to tell apart in this fantastic scenery.

About 70 minutes after getting on an express of HITACHI at Ueno Station on the JR Joban Line, I arrive at Katsuta Station in Ibaraki Prefecture. Then I take a bus at Katsuta Station and get to Hitachi Seaside Park in around 20 minutes.

Ever-beautiful Hitachi Seaside Park All Year Round

Covering an area of 190 hectares, Hitachi Seaside Park is praised as one of the most romantic seas of flowers in the world. There are baby blue-eyes, daffodils and tulips in the spring, and summer cypresses (Kochia), sunflowers, cosmos and lavenders in the summer. In the fall, reddening summer cypresses and white buckwheat flowers form a very spectacular red and white checkered sea of flowers. In the winter, the natural heavy “make-up” of the land will be replaced by vast expanse of white snow that might carry you away. All kinds of flowers come into bloom consecutively or simultaneously on this wide expanse of field. The Park is always a hanami spot delighting both the eye and the mind regardless of the change of seasons.

Hitachi Seaside Park in the Spring

The blue baby blue-eyes flowers fully covering the hillside is most representative of Hitachi Seaside Park in the spring. Let me lead you into the flower zone to enjoy the happy time of wandering in a sea of flowers.

We will first be greeted by yellow and white checkered daffodils. In late April, those cherries trees that normally bloom later than Yoshino cherry will blossom and jostle for you attention; the scenery looks truly fascinating.

Yellow and White Checkered Daffodils
Yellow and White Checkered Daffodils

Under the sunny sky, a blue carpet and bright yellow rape blossoms spreading over the slopes are an unrivaled charming sight to behold. We can climb up the stunningly beautiful hills that command a view of the vast blue Pacific Ocean. What a wonderful world will unfold before our eyes? Why don’t you visit the park to enjoy the scenery?

Slopes Carpeted with Blue Flowers
Slopes Carpeted with Blue Flowers

Then, let’s step into the sea of tulip stretching out as far as we could see. We will be enchanted with varieties of bewitching tulips and unable to tear our eyes away.

Although Hitachi Seaside Park is not close to Tokyo, quite a few tourists from Tokyo come to visit the Park, and there are also a steady stream of overseas visitors.

A Sea of Tulips
A Sea of Tulips

The flowering season of the plants in Hitachi Seaside Park in the spring coincides with the golden week, a major holiday in Japan. During this best blossom viewing period, be sure to come to feast your eyes on the bewitching blue carpet.

Basic information on Hitachi Seaside Park in the Spring

Hitachi Seaside Park

605-4 Omuma-aza, Mawatari, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture
410 yen for adults, 210 yen for seniors and 80 yen for children
You can take a ride to Katsuta Station on an express of Hitachi or Joban on the JR Joban Line to Katsuta Station, and it takes more than 70 minutes. After leaving the station from Exit East, you can take a bus of Ibaraki Kotsu and get off at Seaside Park Entrance (about 20-minute ride). Alternatively, you may take a roughly 15-minute taxi ride.
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