Famous Autumn colour in Ibaraki Prefecture! Day trip to 【Fukuroda Falls】

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Take JR Jōban Line Ltd Express service train “HITACHI” departs at Tokyo・Uneo Station, and transfer to JR Suigun Line will lead you to “Fukuroda Falls” where has large and beautiful waterfalls, as well as attractive scenery of red leaves in autumn.

There are special viewing areas fronting the falls for large number of tourists, especially in the second observatory is right in front of the the third fall. Unfortunately there is no stairs towards to the second viewing platform, so visitors have to ride on an elevator to the area. There are total two elevators, which allowing 18 persons ride each time. It took about 20 minutes for us to waiting for the elevator, therefore visit in weekday is recommended in order to avoid overcrowded visitors.

You will immediately see the beautiful natural scenery once the elevator's door open...
The powerful falls with red and yellow leaves in front definitely increases its popularity in the season. Based on the location, the best timing for photo shoot is around 14:00. (The photos were taken around 16:00 near the sunset)

Visitors are also able visit the first observatory by elevator which provides different views of the falls. The waterfalls water right infront of visitors, so it might be difficult to take photos in this spot.

It looks like a beautiful autumn colour painting when you look out from this side of the concrete tunnels.

Visitors can walk for pedestrians by exit the tunnel onto the viewing platform.

This photo was took from the first viewing platform. In winter due to the low temperature, visitors might be lucky to see the entire waterfall freezing over. (It didn't freeze in 2014, which might be the impact of climate change) The scenery of freezing waterfall is very rare, so I will definitely go and visit this year, too.

It also has special illumination at night during autumn colour (around 20:00), the best timing for autumn colour will start from middle of November. In addition, there are many hotels and accommodation within the area with hot spring service, where visitors are also able to experience the “apple picking”.

The closest station to Fukuroda Falls is Fukuroda Station by an Ibaraki Transportation Bus bound for “Takimoto”. It might be delay during autumn colour season due to large number of tourists, so suggest you to plan your trip in advance. The travel route is shown below which departures from Tokyo and transfers at Mito Station to Fukuroda Station by Suigun Line. The bus timetable is also provided for your day trip reference.

(A) JR Joban Line Ltd Exp "Hitachi" for Iwaki
(B) JR Suigun Line Local for Koriyama
(C) JR Suigun Line Local for Mito
(D) JR Joban Line Ltd Exp "Hitachi" for Shinagawa

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