A popular new trend among tourists: Renting motorcycles and buying riding gear!

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The number of tourists making a stop at motorcycle specialty shops is on the rise! Tokyo’s largest motorcycle gear and parts specialists, RICOLAND TOKYO BAY SHINONOME, can certainly attest to this. And what do these tourists have their eyes on? Rental motorcycles, of course! Motorcycle touring is a new and exciting way to take in the Japanese landscape, one which up until recently wasn’t an option for tourists. Not only that, however, but many people like to buy Japanese-made riding gear to bring back home with them.

There’s no doubt that Japan is home to many of the world’s top motorcycle makers, such as Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki, but what you may not know is that their riding gear and goods are also of superb quality! RICOLAND TOKYO BAY SHINONOME, as Tokyo’s largest specialty shop, boasts an outstanding lineup of products of various kinds—they have more than you could shake a stick at! Whether you just want to rent a motorcycle to zip around the country and see the sights, or you have your eyes on some Japanese riding gear, this is the place for you!

Japan isn't only a leader in the electronics and medical industries, it's a leader in all things to do with motorcycles too! This side of Japan is still unknown by many, but hopefully, especially if you're a motorcycle enthusiast, you'll check out this shop and see for yourself!


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