A Sightseeing Tour of Hakodate Tinted with Red and Yellow to Make the Acquaintance of Hokkaido in Fall

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Hakodate is the capital city of southern Hokkaido. From the end of October, the trees in Hakodate start to be tinted with red and yellow by lovely red leaves, which elaborately adorn the picturesque street-scape of Hakodate.
Visitors to Hokkaido in this season are highly recommended to make a tour of Hakodate that takes on a reddish yellow hue.

[1] Goryokaku

This star fort, completed in 1864, is one of the must-visit tourist attractions in Hakodate. Besides being a famous spot for cherry-blossom viewing in spring, the fort features an observation deck on the Goryokaku Tower, which offers a scenic view of red leaves in fall as trees are changing color.

[2] Motomachi

With its Western-style streetscape retained to this day, Motomachi boasts many romantic movie-like scenes, the appeal of which will be further enhanced by reddening leaves.

Motoi-saka Slope is our first stop. Behind the Former Public Hall of Hakodate with a yellow-colored profile is famous Mount Hakodate.

Near the hillside and on Motoi-saka Slope is the Former British Consulate of Hakodate, whose yard is covered with exceptionally pretty roses. The Consulate houses a romantically arranged café, and you can drink tea and have a jolly time there.

The ivies which are deep green in summer are also reddening in fall.

Yawata Slope is a well-known spot for taking in scenery. In a fall day with clear sky, the Aomori-Hakodate Ferry (museum) docking on the Port of Hakodate is clearly visible from the Slope. The trees lining the streets are also changing color.

the church buildings in Motomachi.
the church buildings in Motomachi.

Hakodate Motomachi Catholic Church is representative of the church buildings in Motomachi.

The trees leaves shading the avenue are tinted with red and yellow, and the red of rowans looks especially beautiful. As the morning grows colder day by day, the red of the rowans turns brighter and brighter, which indicates that the short fall is around the corner and Hokkaido is to welcome chilly winter.

[3] Hakodate Haikara-go

The vintage tramcar still operating in the city was first introduced in 1910.

There is a conductor on the tramcar, whose interior also has an atmosphere evocative of the days of old.

With the Yunokawa Onsen, Goryokaku Park and Hakodate Station Front all on its route, the tramcar is popular with sightseers.

Only one tramcar of Haikara-go travels this route, so it is common for passengers to wait long for the tramcar. In 2015, the tramcar would cease operation after October 31. Despite the said, the tramcar is still an attractive option as its fare is equal to other regular buses.

We attach the tramcar schedule (Haikara-go) here for your reference.

※ The tramcar is not available in Tuesdays, Wednesdays and September 24.
※ The tramcar will run as normal on September 22 and September 23.

The ivies around the red-brick warehouse in the Bay Area of Hakodate are also tinted with red, and this area is also highly recommended.

It is pleasant to walk the streets in Hakodate that is not cold in fall, so be sure to visit the city if you have a chance!



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