Must-visit Cherry Blossom viewing spot in Hokkaido, Hakodate Fort Goryokaku.

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It's time to say good-bye for cherry blossoms at Tōhoku region after viewing at Tokyo and Osaka. Cherry blossom viewing is becoming main activity at Hokkaido from end of April to early May. Today we would like to introduce you the Fort Goryokaku at Hakodate city of Hokkaido prefecture.

Fort Goryokaku is one of the must-visit attraction in Hakodate, and also is one of the best cherry blossom spots in Hokkaido. Fort Goryokaku is a star fort, Western style citadel which was built in Edo period in Hakodate on the island of Hokkaido and was the last domestic battle field of “Hakodatesensou.”

We have introduced the Fort Goryokaku last November at article of “★Top 5 must-visit attractions★ in Hakodate.” Please click below for more information.

The fort was eventually turned into a public park with admission free. If you come and visit here, Goryokaku Tower is a strong recommendation. The observatory tower has height 107m right beside the entrance, and will able to see views of historic Goryokaku star shaped. During cherry blossom in full bloom, visitors will able to see the beautiful and amazing secenry over one thousand cherry trees were planted along its moats from the observatory.

Inside the tower exhibits bronze statues related to Goryokaku. The most famous including the status of Deputy Shinesengumi, Hijikata tosinzo who led the forces to occupy the fortress of Goryokaku and new goverments. Many Japanese tourists also come here to take photos of the statues. The most attractive point for visitors is from the observation platform of the 107-meter Goryokaku Tower with surrounded by thousands of cherry trees in full bloom which making the place become one of top cherry blossom viewing spots at Hokkaido.

Please compare the photo above with the photo showed in the beginning of this article, the Fort Goryokaku has covered by cherry blossoms creates a different scenery and impression of beauty.

You mustn't miss out the light up of cherry blossom at night, the graceful illuminated cherry blossoms won't let you down of your trip.

It's also popular timing to visit here at nightfall, many lanterns hand on the cherry trees as decorations. A lot of Japanese guests will sit under the cherry trees and enjoy their food while chatting with families and friends.

The photo showed below is the status of cherry blossom today, although it is not yet in full bloom, but some of them started to blooming. Based on the weather forecast, cherry blossoms will be open this Sunday at Fort Goryokaku. (Apr. 26, 2015) Estimated best viewing is about 10 days after opening. Please visit Fort Goryokaku if you are planning to visit Hakodate during this period.

Fort Goryokaku

43-9, Goryokaku-cho, Hakodate.
9:00am - 6:00pm
Admission fee
Observation platform
840 yen per adult, 630 yen per junior and high school student, 420 yen per elementary school student.
Take tram from JR Hakodate Station to “Goryokaku Koen Mae”, and about 15 minutes walking to the fort.