A Visit to Onuma Park in Southern Hokkaido for Dining on a Tour Boat and Going Canoeing on the Lake (Summer & Fall)

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Onuma (great marsh) Quasi-National Park, located in Southern Hokkaido, is a famous idyllic spot that boasts three beautiful lakes and encompasses Hokkaido Koma-ga-take (Horse Mountain) behind the lakes. Such a park is well worth a visit, which is definitely rewarding than a glimpse of its magnificent scenery from a passing Hakodate-Sapporo express.

An about 20-minute ride by limited express (some expresses do not stop at some stations) can take you from Hakodate Station to Onuma-Koen Station (Onuma Park Station), which is the nearest station for the Park.

After exiting the station and walking on the road towards Sapporo for around 10 minutes, you can find Table De Rivage, a restaurant recommended to you for having lunch.

The elegant lakeside restaurant with glazed doors commands a wonderful view of Onuma. Moreover, it is no ordinary lakeside restaurant.

As you step out of the restaurant without any window seat, the lakeside will greet you. Here turns out to be your dining area!

You might have thought it was a wooden deck fixed to the shore. Surprisingly, the deck belongs to a tour boat, on which you can also dine. This set meal is thus named “lunch on a tour boat” (priced at 2600 yen).

Such a tour boat is more like a deck driven by an engine. As the boat sails serenely along the lakeside, the trip, which is not too long, is enough for eating a leisurely and delicious “lunch on a tour boat”. The lunch is complemented by a cup of coffee after the meal and a sight of Onuma’s beauty that that blends in the landscape.

The sail is available between mid-May and mid-November. It is said that in case of strong winds or big waves, the sightseeing trip has to be cut short as the boat is not a cruise ship that can brave the elements.

After the boat trip, you can go to Konuma (small marsh) beside Onuma to travel by canoe.

Rowing on the lake, you can take photos. At first you might be scared that the canoe is going to overturn. Actually, you need not worry as you will be patiently taught by a coach. When you adjust to the tempo of rowing, you can admire the fantastic beauty of Koma-ga-take in a relaxed manner.

In addition, there are many water lilies growing in Onuma. A walk there can perk you up.

At the sight of the green covering the lake, you might feel your spirits lifted.

The scenery is rendered more beautiful, when plants are changing color in fall.

Besides canoes, there are rowing boats and motorboats for you to sail.

With gorgeous reflections of overhanging red leaves, the lake looks very attractive.

On my visit to the Park, I came across many package tourists from Taiwan, who were cheerfully riding tandem bicycles.

This Park is so nice that it must be a great pity to pass it without getting off the train and having a visit. If you have ample time to travel in Hokkaido, be sure to visit here.

Onuma Quasi National Park



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